Good News, Bad News

The good news is the existence of a dress label called The Old Ladies’ Rebellion. There’s a picture in today’s Guardian that filled me with delight – an undeniably old lady wearing a T-shirt boldly printed – ‘Not At Your Age’.  Even more mischievously, it was worn under a deceptively sober grey trouser suit and gently subverted it. And hooray for rebellion.  I wholeheartedly support it, especially as time goes by. Rebellion in the young is tedious – a rite of passage we all have had to pick our way through – but in the old it is simply an expression of never-give-up vitality.

I tried to download a picture of the delectable T-shirt, but my technical skills weren’t up to it. And that’s not the bad news. The bad news is – alas – that the Old Ladies dresses don’t come cheap. They have a price tag of £500.

Well, we always knew that rebellion comes at a price. And this surely proves it.


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