Would the Queen have it better?

I like looking at the faces of survivors. And 80 year old Joseph Markovitch – who photographer Martin Usborne happened across in the mixed world of Hoxton – has a beautiful inhabited face. And more than that, he has a zany brand of freewheeling cranky wit that shows that as you get older you can get free-er.


Martin followed Joseph around for a few months, with his camera, recording his views on life, and discovering in the process that he wasn’t – as he’d first thought – ‘amusing’ or ‘homeless’ or ‘drunk’ but a rich individual with his own take on things…


The pictures and Joseph’s words were in an exhibition and now are in a small soft cover book. I think it’s great. You can get it from Martin Usborne, with a cheque to the Joesph Project for £8, at Studio 4, 1 Hoxton St, London N1 6NU. All profits go to Cancer Research UK.


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