Ageing – how to deal with it…?

Getting older is one of those taboo areas.

I don’t like to think of it, my children don’t want me to talk about it and my colleagues fear it.

So what do you do about taboos? – well… break them.

So that’s my aim in this blog.

Brave or foolish – both need friends. Please join in, pitch in and share the strange experience of getting older. Of looking in the mirror and finding the image there doesn’t match up to the way you feel you are. Of finding young people looking bemused when you mention icons that you thought were common. (I said one young woman looked rather like Jane Russell. ‘Who’s Jane Russell??’ they said). Of hoping inspectors will query your use of a Senior Rail Card – ‘Come off it, miss!’

It’s time to get round the whole theme of ageing.  Click onto the  About page to see why .

One response to “Ageing – how to deal with it…?

  1. I know this quite late for a comment, but you should know about Epigenetics. 😀

    Genes are responsible for aging process – and these type of genes are the youth gene clusters (YGC).


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